EPO professors provide English consultation
EPO professors provide English consultation
  • Chung Yoon-young
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Starting this spring semester 2012, all Ewha students can receive a one-on-one consultation from the English Program Office (EPO) professors on English writing through the EPO’s English Writing Clinic program. This service is a newly added feature to the EPO’s initial English writing consultation with graduate-student tutors.
The EPO runs the English Writing Clinic in room B116 of the Ewha Campus Complex (ECC) free of charge. The graduate-student tutors and professors at the clinic assist students with a variety of English compositions, ranging from essay homework for classes to resumes and cover letters. Each appointment has a duration time of 30 minutes and students are allowed to arrange only one appointment per day, up to two appointments a week, and 10 in total per semester.
In the past, only the Ewha graduate-student tutors at the EPO were available to give advice to students. Students could receive help without having made a reservation, if any graduate-student tutors were free, and all the consulting was done in Korean.
With the new service, however, students must sign up to receive consultation from the EPO faculty. Once students sign up for the service at the desired time period, professors who are available during that time will help them.
To receive counseling from professors, students must always arrange a reservation beforehand through the EPO homepage (http://epo.ewha.ac.kr), as walk-in reservations will not be accepted for consultations with the professors.
In addition, all counseling with professors will be done in English.
“We have expanded the consultation service to provide further help to students. This is because we thought that these kinds of assistance might be more necessary now that the number of English classes at Ewha is increasing,” said professor Kim Min-jung (English), the head of the EPO. “I think the students will show much appreciation to this service, and I hope many students use it to their advantage.”
Students who wish to receive consultation on English composition at the English Writing Clinic may still stop by ECC B116 for help from graduate-student tutors, but help from EPO professors requires making a reservation using the “writing clinic” menu on the EPO homepage.

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