2012 EWHA Career Camp encourages freshmen to prepare for future careers
2012 EWHA Career Camp encourages freshmen to prepare for future careers
  • Jang Youn-hee
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The Ewha Career Development Center (CDC) held its 2012 EWHA Career Camp for freshmen from March 12 to 23 at Lee Sam-Bong Hall in the Ewha Campus Complex. The EWHA Career Camp is a program offered by the CDC to encourage students to find their future goal
The EWHA Career Camp first started in September 2011 and has been made as freshmen compulsory course beginning this spring semester. Before being made as an obligation for every freshman, the Career Camp was recommended only for students of particular colleges, such as the College of Engineering or Music in order to broaden students’ career paths.
 “The CDC wants to give more opportunities to as many students as possible,” said Kim Mi-sook, who is in charge of the EWHA Career Camp in the CDC.
The 2012 EWHA Career Camp was composed of three sessions: Career Vision, Career Motivation, and Ewha Together. In the Career Vision session, students were offered a career portfolio which would help them learn specific knowledge related to their careers, such as managing their grades and improving language proficiency.
In the Career Motivation session, students were given a special lecture titled, “Dream and Ewha.” The following five professors took turns giving lectures to different colleges: Lyou Chul-gyun (Digital Media), Bae Il-hwan (Orchestral Instruments), Suh Yoon-suk (Business), Lee Joo-hee (Sociology), and Choe Jae-chun (Eco Science).
“I think Ewha stands for ‘excellence,’ ‘womanhood,’ ‘humanism,’ and ‘adventure,’ and I hope this lecture will help remind the students of such challenging spirit,” said Choe, who gave a special lecture to students at the Career Camp.
The last session of the Career Camp, Ewha Together, promoted students unity through card section activities.
When all three sessions were finished, students filled out survey forms on whether the Career Camp was helpful for them and whether specific aspects needed improvement. Some students expect the Career Camp to offer more useful information for their career, as its title implies.
“Specific information about careers was limited to the first two sessions which were relatively short,” Kang Ji-yeon (Liberal Arts, 1) said.
The CDC plans to hold the EWHA Career Camp every year, and it will be improved according to the students’ opinions recorded on survey forms.
“The CDC hopes to motivate students to prepare for their future careers as early as possible so that they can spend more time in worthwhile activities,” Kim said.

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