Meet the world at BISU
Meet the world at BISU
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▲ Students studying at Bejing International Studies University find their college life peaceful and enjoyable.
I came from Beijing International Studies University (BISU, the former Beijing Second Foreign Languages Institute) in China.
BISU is famous for its foreign language majors and tourism management department. There are 10 language majors in BISU, English, Japanese, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and Korean.
Like “Ewhain” to Ewha, there is also a certain name for students in BISU – the BISUer.
For all BISUers, the college years are the most enjoyable and wonderful time that we may ever have during our lifetime. Get up and find a corner in a peaceful campus to read a piece of foreign article, have lunch with friends in the number one cafeteria, read books and fight with paper in the library. BISUers always have a way to have an efficient day.
By the way, the cafeterias – where you can find typical Chinese food, Western food, and even Korean food – on campus are really popular in the whole Chaoyang District of Beijing, where BISU is located.
After a meal, taking a walk around the campus will be fantastic. The Chaoyang Central Business District is outside the campus. As known to all, Beijing is an ancient and vibrant city which is perfect for students to study and experience new things. Catch a bus or take the subway near the campus gate, the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Wangfujing, 798, Sanlitun Bar Street, and South luogu Alley, and you can go anywhere you want.
Although Beijing is a huge city with an enormous population, BISU’s campus is not that big. It is not big as half as that of Ewha.
Do not worry about making new friends. There are plenty of student clubs in BISU. Chinese-Korean Students Communication Association, for example, is working on expanding the friendship between Korean and Chinese students.

* Fan Wang is currently studying at Ewha as an exchange student.

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