CDC supports Reserve Commissioned Officers’ success
CDC supports Reserve Commissioned Officers’ success
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▲ The five initial members of CDC Reserve Commissioned Officer Club pose with president Kim Sun-uk after discussing the students’ achievements.
Five students, the initial members of Ewha Career Development Center (CDC) Reserve Commissioned Officer Club, are now the five women officers’ candidates affiliated in the Korean army, navy, and air force. The successful applicants have received support from Ewha CDC to become the new recruits of the Korean military. Kim Hae-in (’08, Politics and Diplomacy), Lee Ju-hyun (’08, Health Science), Park Se-jin (’07, Computer Science and Engineering), Hwang Ji-eun (’06, Philosophy), and Kang Ji-won (’07, Orchestral Instruments) are the five members of the club.
Started last fall semester, Reserve Commissioned Officer Club was founded by Ewha students who wanted to prepare for the Officer Candidate Test (OCT). The OCT is the required exam for students to become an officer’s candidate in all three parts of the Korean military. The club supported the students preparing for the OCT’s personality and aptitude test, physical fitness test, and interview.
“Ewha CDC initiated Reserve Commissioned Officer Club last year when students interested in becoming women officers came and requested it to be formed,” said a CDC researcher of the Reserve Commissioned Officer Club.
With a successful start, having all five members of the club pass the OCT, Ewha CDC now plans to make a more systematic and organized class where Ewha students can prepare for the OCT.
“Ewha CDC supported us by affording book fees, and through the mentoring program I was able to meet the successful seniors currently serving in the military,” Hwang said. “I hope that many students discard the prejudice that women cannot serve in military and actively register.”
“I know some students in my major have interest in the program and highly recommend that they try first than be hesitant,” Kim said.
The Reserve Commissioned Officer Training Class includes a mentoring program and scholarships that assist students  training for the upcoming OCT.
Ewha CDC is recruiting members for the Reserve Commissioned Officer Training Class. Applicants can download the application form on the official Ewha homepage ( and register via e-mail ( by March 23. For further information, visit the homepage or call (02) 3277-4027.

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