ELC celebrated as Korean language training institution
ELC celebrated as Korean language training institution
  • Lee Ji-hyun
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The Ewha Language Center (ELC) was selected as the Korean language training institution on Jan. 28 to host the 2012-2013 Korean Government Scholarship Program for International Students by the National Institute for International Education (NIIED), a government-affiliated organization.
Every year, the NIIED recruits 100 international students who wish to earn masters or doctoral degrees and attend Korean language training programs in Korea. The students are each given a Korean Government Scholarship (KGS) that covers full tuition fee and living expenses.
The ELC was appointed as one of the institutes providing Korean language training courses to international students receiving a KGS, in recognition of the institutes’ outstanding management and educational environment.
“I think our institution received credits for having outstanding teachers,” said Kim Hyun-jin, a professor at the ELC. “We also published our own Korean language textbooks which are used in many parts of the world.”
Thirty-two international students will begin attending language classes starting March 15. The ELC has also prepared additional courses on the Test of Proficiency in Korean, grammar and writing, popular culture, and Korean.
“We expect those students to increase the global awareness of Korea and Ewha when they return to their home countries,” Kim said.

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