Colors of nature enlighten Ewha students
Colors of nature enlighten Ewha students
  • Lee Ji-hyun
  • 승인 2012.03.04 11:02
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The Natural History Museum of Ewha prepared a special exhibition titled “The Colors of Nature” that opened on Feb. 8 and will run until Nov. 30. The purpose of the exhibition is to introduce diverse survival strategies of wildlife based on skin coloring.
Following last year’s two exhibitions, “An Expedition to Animal Sounds” and “Biodiversity,” the museum’s series aims at providing learning opportunities about our ecosystem for students and the general public.
The exhibition is categorized into 10 themes regarding camouflage animals and insects that use coloring to blend in with the environment. It also features how creatures evolve different coloration and patterns for survival depending on the time and place.
“The coloration of each species is distinctive and unique because species have different purposes,” said Seo Su-yuan, one of the curators of the museum. “While some insects take on different colors only during the mating period to attract potential suitors, others do it to remain unnoticed by predators.”
Throughout the exhibition, e-learning sections about the specimens are displayed using touch-screen computers and microscopes. Also, the exhibition includes an exhibition of photos taken by Dr. Mark W. Moffett, a world-renowned photographer known as “the Indiana Jones of Entomology.” Moffett has explored every Latin American and tropical Asian country, and many parts of Africa. Ewha is hosting Moffett’s photography for the first time ever in Asia, following Harvard University and the National Geographic Museum in the United States.
Ewha’s museum encourages visitors to participate in its educational program “Hands On! The Colors of Nature.” The exhibition is provided to help visitors understand coloration in nature through crafting activities, scientific experiments, and explorations.

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