Studying at Groningen
Studying at Groningen
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▲ Above is The Center for High Performance Computing and Visualisation, where students who major in science are offered state-of-the-art facilities.
My name is Duy Nguyen and I’m from the Netherlands. I am a fourth year Econometrics and Operations Research student at the University of Groningen.
Even though Groningen is one of the biggest cities of the northern part of the Netherlands, it is much smaller compared to Seoul. The special thing about Groningen is that 50,000 of the inhabitants are students, which is more than 25 percent.
The fact that there are so many students makes it really fun and enjoyable. There are a lot of places and opportunities to socialize with locals and international students.
Speaking Dutch is not a must to live in Groningen. Almost everyone in Groningen can speak English.
The University of Groningen is very different compared to Ewha. The buildings are not located on one campus. The university is divided into different faculties and departments and each faculty is located in a different place
My studies belong to the Department of Economics and Business. It is  well known for its business majors.
Right next to our faculty’s building is the ACLO, Groningen’s students sports center. You can even join a sports club of the sport you like to practice.
Besides sports clubs there are also other ways to meet new people. At night the Grote Market in the city center is full of students. The students all gather on the streets or in bars to have a drink and socialize with one other. Thursday is the most crowded day, but the on the other days of the week there are plenty of people in the city too. Groningen is a really lively city at night!
Groningen is a great city to study at, especially if you major in business. The business department is well known for their courses in English. Furthermore you only need English to get around since the majority of the people speak English. With 50,000 other students in the city, you will not be lonely and bored for sure.

* Duy Nguyen is currently studying at Ewha as an exchange student.

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