Mesmerizing days on NTU campus
Mesmerizing days on NTU campus
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▲ Bae Ka-young (Chinese, 4) poses with her friends from NTU.
I went to the National Taiwan University (NTU) for a year as an exchange student. Arriving in Taiwan, I was worried due to my poor Chinese skills. However, the Taiwanese people were very nice. Even when I could not communicate with them due to the language barrier, they would try to help me by using gestures.
The year that I went to Taiwan was when the Korean Wave was at its highest peak. People wanted to learn Korean and make Korean friends. However, by October of 2010, the “Taekwondo Incident” occurred, which aggravated an anti-Korean sentiment among the Taiwanese. Everyone was worried, but it was proven that our anxiousness was groundless. The Taiwanese people became more friendly to us than before.
NTU is the highest ranking school in Taiwan. Its classes are of good quality. I only took classes that were taught in Chinese. All the faculties were thoughtful for the exchange students.
The class that I liked the most was “Introduction of Geology in Taiwan.” It was difficult to understand the course at first but I got better as my friends helped me a lot.
NTU campus is very large and it has as a splendid view. When the weather is nice, many brides and bridegrooms take their wedding pictures on campus. NTU campus is nice to stroll along since it is located on flatland.
Taiwan is a lively nation. It has fantastic firework festivals, and the fireworks on National Day are especially wonderful. Taiwan has nice traveling sites, great eateries, and tourist atractions all over its eastern, southern, and northern parts. Especially, its night markets are wonderful tourist attractions.
I want to go back and revisit Taiwan. I miss the delicious food, nice friends, and even the never-stopping rain and its yearlong hot weather. Life as an exchange student at NTU was the best experience I had in my life.

* Bae Ka-young (Chinese, 4) studied at National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan.

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