School library changes its bag keeping system
School library changes its bag keeping system
  • Lee Min-jeong
  • 승인 2012.03.04 10:56
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Ewha Womans University Library no longer requires students to check their bags in order to get access to books and references. The former bag keeping room on the first floor was closed as of March 2.
The library will instead tighten regulations on foods and beverages in the stacks located on the second floor and above. Only transparent liquids in a bottle with a lid, such as water, are allowed inside the library, and violators will be asked to leave immediately. The new regulation was implemented to improve convenience for students.
“As students inquired inconvenience regarding the former bag keeping system, we decided to direct our policy to allow carrying bags in stacks.” an official at the library said.
Students welcome the new policy.
“The bag keeping system deterred me from studying in the library since it was very inconvenient and sometimes even annoying when I forgot to leave my bag and had to backtrack to the first floor,” Ahn Gyu-ri (Political Science, 2) said. “I am glad that I can now use the library easily without going through the coat-check system, which used to cost additional time and therefore seemed needless to me.”
However, concerns about the new policy also rise among some students.
“I felt safer checking in my bag in the bag keeping than carrying it with me as I can worry less about theft or loss,” said a student who wished to stay anonymous. “I think by permitting bags inside the stacks, the possibility of theft both of library materials and students’ belongings might increase.”
To these concerns, Ewha Womans University Library cited strict regulations as a solution to prevent theft and damages from food and beverages.
“Unlike the past, guiding or asking violators to discard food and beverages when caught, we will now reinforce regulations on violators by making them instantly leave the library,” the official said.
 “Additionally, we installed Closed-Circuit Televisions near reading tables in the stacks on the third, fourth and fifth floor to prevent any unsavory incidents, which could be caused by bringing personal bags in an environment where bookshelves obstruct faculty’s supervision. I hope everyone can use the library easily and pleasantly by being careful all together.”

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