Integrated security system installed in Ewha
Integrated security system installed in Ewha
  • Lee Min-jeong
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▲ A card reader is installed at Gate 2 in ECC to restrict visitor access.
Starting from this semester, Ewha introduced a new integrated security system “SECOM” provided by S1 Corporation to enhance students’ convenience and tighten up security around campus.
The electronic security system is installed at the following 21 buildings on campus: Admission Hall, Asan Engineering Building, Centennial Museum, Ewha Archives, Ewha Campus Complex (ECC), Ewha-Samsung International House, Ewha-Samsung Education Culture Building, Ewha-Shinsegae Building, Ewha-SK Telecom Center, Graduate School Building, Graduate School Building 2, Graduate Student Dormitory, Hanwoori Hall, Longview House, Main Hall, New Engineering Building, President’s Residence, The Ewha Foundation, Upper Room, Welch-Ryang Auditorium and Yeonghak-gwan.
These buildings were chosen as they are located in outer zones of the campus where visitors can easily access.
The security system is off line during the daytime and will  operate from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. After 11:00 p.m. only users with student or faculty ID card can enter the buildings and the entrance authorities varies in each building.
The Office of General Affairs (OGA), which is in charge of the new system, is planning to expand installing the security system to all buildings after test operations.
“Students are not allowed to enter certain buildings as not all buildings have same authorities,” said Kim Hye-kyung, the senior staff of the OGA. “If students want to enter an unauthorized building, they must go through identification process over the interphone.”
Unlike other buildings, the security system at Gate 2 in ECC will be running during the daytime to prevent non-Ewha students or tourists from trespassing and ruining the academic atmosphere.
“Since receiving continuous complaint from students about such disturbance, we decided to restrict visitor access to Gate 2 in ECC during the daytime,” Kim said.
This policy will start mid March and students are recommended to bring their student ID cards at all times to avoid inconvenience.
Additional to the entrance control, emergency bells are newly equipped in each room of bathrooms inside ECC. The purpose of the bells is for students to respond immediately to any possible crime or emergent situation. Female safety officers are on call, and the numbers of Closed-Circuit Television increased to cover dead zones on campus.
“By introducing this security system, we hope that safe and pleasant campus environments could be created,” Kim said.
Students can call (02) 3277-5000 to report problems or request further information to the OGA.

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