iHouse II, new home for exchange students
iHouse II, new home for exchange students
  • Yoo Seon-hwa
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The International House II, a dormitory built exclusively for foreign exchange students and foreign professor, opened on Feb. 17. Ewha President Kim Sun-uk and the former President Lee Bae-yong attended the opening ceremony. The International House II is expected to take role in creating a global living space where students from different countries can live and share their academic experiences.
“Ewha has been nominated as the best university in managing and inviting prestigious students from more than 60 countries, which is why constructing a small but strong global village within Ewha,” Kim said at the ceremony. “With the successful construction of the additional student dormitory for exchange students and foreign professors, Ewha is fully prepared to prove its global capability of accommodating global leaders.”
The International House II  provides a total 75 rooms for 149 exchange students and foreign professors. The first and the tenth floor are each equipped with a lunchroom, a laundry room, a cafeteria, a studying room and a lounge.
“Ewha invites more than 300  students from various countries  every semester,” said Lee Lim-kyung, the official in charge of the International House II. “The more Ewha is prepared to accommodate exchange students coming to Ewha, the more chances are offered for students to participate in the Exchange Student Program. Therefore, the construction of the International House II will allow more opportunities for students studying abroad.”
 The building is equipped with digital systems such as automatic door locking system and individual room sensors. It also obtains facilities for making the lives of disabled students comfortable by removing the threshold in shower rooms and facilitating automatic sensors for opening doors.
“We put our best effort in the building for it to harmonize with other surrounding student housing buildings and respect the special design of balcony,” Lee said.
Foreign exchange students and foreign professors will be able to live in the International House II starting from Feb. 27.

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