Tuition reduced by 3.5%
Tuition reduced by 3.5%
  • Yang Su-bin
  • 승인 2012.03.04 10:53
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Ewha announced on Feb. 2 that the school is to lower its nominal tuition by 3.5 percent for undergraduate and graduate students, after freezing its tuition fee from 2009 to 2011.
“Though tuition reduction meant reducing the school reserve fund to 4.7 billion won, which is planned to be used for student welfare, we decided to cut the tuition to ease students’ financial situation.” said professor Shin Kyung-shik (Business), the chief of the Office of Financial Affairs.
The tuition for professional schools and semester courses during vacations remains the same. However, in the case of the students who entered Ewha after 2011, their affective benefit from the tuition cut is one percent since their tuition had increased 2.5 percent in their admissions year.

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