University of Paderborn
University of Paderborn
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How many Ewha students think about going a semester abroad? Immersing yourself in a new culture and a foreign language will not only be a thrilling experience but also a time of your life.
If you have decided to go abroad, you will question yourself: “Where?” Let me give you a hand in regard to this question by representing the University of Paderborn in Germany. It calls itself “University of the information Society” and is one of the leading schools in Germany within the IT field. You will share your semester abroad with other exchange students from 140 different universities all around the world.
Besides many English speaking classes and excellent professors, you will face a tremendous offer to plan your life in Germany.
The International Office will be your very first helpful contact. It will help and advise you with the intention that your stay may be enrichment for your life, studies and personality. In detail, it provides different language courses during your stay and especially a four week long pre-semester crash course. This crash course can be a good opportunity to make new friends. Do not worry of finding a nice apartment; also this will be organized by the International Office. Furthermore, it offers the Buddy Program. Your “Pate,” buddy volunteers to pick you up from the airport and help you. In most cases your Pate will organize personal trips within Germany as well. Finally, the International Office will arrange a welcome week where you can get all the necessary information and contact to another organization – EUROBIZ.
EUROBIZ is an organization formed by Paderborn students who have been abroad themselves and looking forward to socialize with exchange students. It is committed to helping exchange students have their best time possible in Paderborn. It offers not just any possible support but also well organized fun activities and trips. This will be an unforgettable experience.
Paderborn is also the city of choice for all students who like to travel. It is situated in the heart of Germany. Be ready to meet a lot of new friends and explore Europe!

* Jan Eikhoff is currently studying at Ewha as an exchange student.

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