Ewha commemorates founder of Korea’s nursing education
Ewha commemorates founder of Korea’s nursing education
  • Lee Ji-hyun
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College of Health Science, Research Institute of Nursing Science and Division of Nursing Science Alumnai celebrated the 140th anniversary of the birth of Margaret J. Edmunds, the founder of the first Training School of Nurses in Korea on Nov. 24.
Various events including the commemoration ceremony were held at the Ewha-Samsung Education Culture building.
Ewha President Kim Sun-uk, Dean of College of Health Science Shin Kyung-rim, and family members of Edmunds participated.
A symposium entitled “The Future of Nursing in Korea: Education, Research & Practice” was also held on the same day.  Additionally, a special exhibition on Edmunds was held at the Ewha Archives from Nov. 24 to 30.
 “Through the symposium, I was able to learn about her contribution along with Korea’s nursing program she established through this visit. Also, I was overwhelmed by the admiration and respect toward my grandmother,” said Sarah Bradarich, the granddaughter of Edmunds said.
Edmunds was a female nurse in Toledo, Ohio who was dispatched as a missionary to Korea and became a nurse at PoKuHyoKwan, which was established by Mary F. Scranton, the founder of Ewha Girls School. Edmunds established the first Training School of Nurses in Korea in 1903 and educated the first two Korean female nurses.  She also published a Korean version of “Text Book of Nursing” in 1908.
Descendants of Edmunds were found by Professor Oak Sung-Deuk (University of California, Los Angeles) while he was writing a book on the nursing history of Korea. Professor Oak contacted the granddaughter of Edmunds and invited her along with other family members to the 140th anniversary of Edmunds’ birth held at Ewha.
“I knew little about Ewha and the contribution of my grandmother in the female nursing field before I came. We learned a lot about our family history in-depth,” Bradarich said.
Edmunds’ family donated a photo album of Ms. Edmunds, which was exhibited at the Ewha Archive.
“We can keep it in our family, but I wanted it to be enjoyed by more people here, and appreciate her work,” said Carol Harrison, the wife of Edmunds’ grandson Robert Harrison. “It is our family history, but also the nursing history in Korea.”

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