Professors using iPads for class
Professors using iPads for class
  • Jang Youn-hee
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▲ Professor Kim Sung-hyun (Economics) is teaching students by using an iPad in his Game Theory class.
The Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL) provided 11 professors with iPads for their classes this fall semester. The selected professors submitted proposals for the “Creative Teaching Method Contest” of the seventh Ewha Cyber Festival and received iPads as award.
The ITL supported not only the smart devices but also smart media subsidies for professors’ study and research. Professors can have devices enabling them to print documents wirelessly in classroom as well. Professors use iPads to consistently share information about classes with one another through case presentations.

The ITL expects expanded results for these activities among professors.
Professor Kim Sung-hyun (Economics), one of the 11 professors selected to use iPads, uses it for his Game Theory class. Kim’s Microeconomics Theory class was selected as the Best e-class last semester. On Nov. 16, Kim demonstrated various ways to use iPads for class at a lunch meeting held by the ITL. Twelve professors participated in the meeting to share his experience.
Kim’s proposal to the “Creative Teaching Method Contest” used the theme “materialization of class game by participation of students using smart media.”
 “Game Theory teaches interaction among people, and I think iPads helped me deliver the core points to students more effectively,” Kim said.
“Actually, last year I opened the same lecture but it was hard to teach students ‘interaction’ for lack of devices to teach the concept efficiently.”
After introducing iPads into the class, Kim used the device’s diverse functions and applications to teach in a way he preferred. At times, he activated e-Clicker, a real-time survey application program sold in the App Store, to conduct simple class games enabling students to interact. When he started the application, students accessed the same program with their own smart media devices. Students did not have to possess smart devices but the people who had them participated in the survey. The survey, from start to end, only took 10 minutes, which the professor had never dreamed of in previous lectures for large numbers of people.
In addition to using application programs, Kim videotaped his lectures with the iPad to offer students a chance to review it.
“Despite trial and error in class in present time, I hope lots of students will realize the efforts of professors to provide them with a better teaching environment,” Kim said.
The ITL plans to expand these opportunities for all the professors in Ewha someday, furnishing them with class models optimized for smart devices.
“The ITL aims to construct a smart campus where up-to-date teaching and learning activities are available regardless of time and place,” said Lee Chong-kyung, who is the head of the ITL.

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