Acting Ewha wins 44th Student Government Association election
Acting Ewha wins 44th Student Government Association election
  • Yang Su-bin & Ko Min-seok
  • 승인 2011.12.05 13:18
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▲ Ewha’s 44th president-elect Jung Na-wee (Sociology, 4) and vice president-elect. Kim Han-gyul (Sculpture, 4) are posing after the election results came out.
Acting Ewha won Ewha’s 44th Student Government Association (SGA) presidential election, held from Nov. 23 to 24. The party earned 49.17 percent of 7,241 ballots cast, defeating Strength of Ewhains’ with 47.66 percent. Jung Na-wee (Sociology, 4) was elected as president and Kim Han-gyul (Sculpture, 4) as vice president of the SGA for the 2012 academic year.
“First of all, we feel so happy to win the election and work for Ewha next year,” president-elect Jung said after the election. “Throughout next year, we will try our best to communicate our policies, and listen to feedback from the Ewha community.”
This December, Acting Ewha will focus on forming a team to carry out its work next year. After the team is formed, their first big project will be to request that a selected student government committee be officially involved every year in the process by which tuition is determined, starting from January of 2012. We hope we can raise awareness about high tuition among Ewha students,”Vice president-elect Kim said.

“We hope to make efforts within Ewha to stop tuition from rising,” Vice president-elect Kim said.
Throughout 2012, Acting Ewha will do their best to follow through on their promises to address problems in four areas: Tuition costs, Protecting students’ rights, Unity of the Ewha students and Women’s rights, among the other social issues.
Though all four areas are important, addressing high tuition and declaring students’ right to use school space or put up notices will be their main focus.
“We will do our best to carry through on our promises, and we will make sure to communicate with Ewha students by conducting surveys and using various other methods,” Vice president-elect Kim said.

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