Welcome to Lingnan family
Welcome to Lingnan family
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Hong Kong has eight universities and one of them is my school called Lingnan University located in Tuen Mun.
My school emphasizes on “Liberal Art Education.” It leads students to think independently, judge, care and be responsible to the changing circumstances of Hong Kong and the world. Thus we can explore and learn more through different kinds of programs. “Service Learning” and “Integrated Learning Program” are both unique programs in our school that encourages us to apply our knowledge and skills to experience life. “Service Learning” is a kind of community service to motivate us service to learn, learning to service. It contains local and international program to do different kinds of service such as promoting anti- drug activities in the society and more. Through many programs, we can develop our sense of civic responsibility and advance our understanding of societies, cultures, and world issues.
Another unique program is “Integrated Learning Program.” Students can explore their talents and release potential through five domains: civic education, physical education, aesthetic, intellectual and social-emotional development. In these five domains, you can choose whatever you want such as aerobic dance, calligraphy workshop, stress relief workshop.
For exchange students, there is an office to organize all the exchange students’ ideas. They will arrange one or two buddies for each foreigner to take care of their life in Hong Kong. They will also offer Cantonese class, cultural experience tour and “International Day” for foreigners to have cultural exchange with Lingnan students, too.
Life in Lingnan is brilliant because it is a warm-hearted university. Compared to Ewha, Lingnan is smaller but it is easier for you to meet new friends . Exchange students will be distributed to different hostel and live with local students. You can experience a fruitful hostel life because student organization will offer plenty of activities for students such as Halloween party, annual dinner and more. Welcome to Hong Kong and welcome to Lingnan.

* Tsang Yu is currently studying at Ewha as an exchange student.

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