Memories in Mount Saint Vincent University
Memories in Mount Saint Vincent University
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▲ Choi Yoon-sil (’06, Statistics) poses with her firends at a sight in Halifax, Nova Scoitia in Canada.
Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) is located in Canada, Nova Scotia, Halifax. I was not familiar with the city called Halifax before I was assigned to go there. Through the Internet, I thought that Halifax is a small port city, somewhat a little desolate city. However, now, I recall Halifax as a cold but also warm city with lovely scenery. I was at Halifax from January to June in 2009 so I remember the city blanketed with snow and it was cold until May. After May, the temperature began to rise and I could see Halifax without snow. Although it had its own beauty with snow blanket, after the snow melted away, the plants came to life and I could see the other side of the city. Some part of it was beautiful and peaceful. Also, I could travel to a big city near Halifax such as Montreal by train during holidays.
As I mentioned above, in the beginning of school life during the winter semester, the opportunity to get along with other international students was insufficient compared to the fall semester. However, luckily, my roommate in the Westwood dormitory was very kind and introduced me to her friends and helped me adjust in MSVU.
During the winter semester, I attended four classes. Two of them were information technology classes and the others were economics and art history. Every professor in my class was kind to the international students. Especially, my art history professor gave me careful concerns and always made sure that I was following the class. Two information technology classes and international trade were somewhat individual classes and were not hard to follow. There were several school events such as ski camp, ball, and the other small events held by the International Students’ Office or the Student Union. Anyone could join if the time is available and those events made my campus life more interesting.
After the semester has ended, I decided to stay two more months to attend one more class. As I registered only four classes for the winter semester, I could register another class without any further tuition. While I was taking that class, the weather got warmer so I could enjoy more outer activities. However, unfortunately, I could not stay until the summer in Halifax but I heard from a friend of mine that the summer in Halifax is great.
Overall, I am grateful to the opportunity I had, staying in Halifax for six months. The most people I met were kind and thoughtful so that I could adjust to Halifax without any troubles. I enjoyed my stay at Halifax and this new experience gave me confidence about myself.

* Choi Yoon-sil (’06, Statistics) studied at Mount Saint Vincent University in Canada.

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