Too Much Intake Proved To Be Harmful
Too Much Intake Proved To Be Harmful
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In step with the well-being trends in today? society, many people have started to search for new ways to look after their health. Lee Ye-jin (Yonsei Univ., 2) has chosen vitamin drinks to be her way of keeping healthy. After working out at a fitness club, Lee grabs a vitamin drink instead of other instant or soda drinks. And she? not the only one to do so.
Vitamin drinks today are increasingly perceived to be satisfying the consumers. However, these drinks might not necessarily be healthy if consumed in large quantities.
The Korea Food and Drug Administration explains that the daily-recommended intake of Vitamin C is 70 to 75 milligrams for adults. An intake significantly higher than that can have adverse effects on the body.
People acknowledge vitamin drinks as just ?rinks and not ?edicine. Thus, people might not always be aware of a reasonable intake, as the drinks come in bottles. For example, one bottle of ?ita 500 a day will place an excess amount of vitamin C in one? body, and later on, the body will demand those quantities of vitamins, if not taken regularly. Kim Chul-joong, a medical journalist, says ?oo much vitamin C may induce diarrhea, stomachache, and gout.
Vitamin drinks are also high in calories. Various drinks, to have a good taste, can contain certain amount of liquid sugar that may harm one? diet.
The well-being lifestyle has undeniably brought various trends into the health market. Even though these trends may bring benefits to our lives, people should not forget the fact that too much of something is sometimes less than too little.

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