Campus Big Concert heats up Ewha campus
Campus Big Concert heats up Ewha campus
  • Hur Jin
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▲ Danny Ahn, DJ of KBS 89.1 Cool Fm radio, is interviewing famous Korean singers, Sung Si-kyung and Kim Jo-han.
The first Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) FM Campus Big Concert was held in the Welch-Ryang Auditorium on Nov. 15. Various performances of famous singers melted the hearts of Ewha students.
“Since it is a rare opportunity to see such famous singers with a free ticket, I thought this concert was a great event for the students,” Jung Hae-joo (International Office Administration, 1) said.
The concert was held to encourage students from their worries, facing the uncertain future ahead. KBS 89.1 Cool FM executive producer, Lee In-sook (’81, Journalism) had proposed such concert to take place in Ewha. After attended the Paul Potts 2008 Concert also held in the Welch-Ryang Auditorium, Lee was impressed by the sound system of the building and craved to launch a concert at her school.
“University campus is now a center trend of a community,” Lee said. “Such role fits with the purpose of KBS FM Campus Big Concert which is to present high-quality concerts to people.”
The Office of Student Affairs  willingly accepted the offer, lending the Welch-Ryang Auditorium for the concert without any charges in return for giving out a certain number of seats to Ewha students for free.
“We consented that the concert would be a good opportunity for the students to experience diverse cultural benefits in school,” said an official of the Office of Student Affairs, who wished to remain anonymous. “Since it is very costly to invite famous singers for a concert, such offer was too tempting to miss out.”
Free tickets for the students were given out on a first-come-first-served basis at the Student Union lobby on Nov. 14. Up to 1200 seats were provided for Ewha students and the rest was allocated to KBS FM radio listeners. KBS 89.1 Cool FM radio DJ Danny Ahn and singers, Sung Si-kyung, Kim Jo-han, Orange Caramel, Huh Gak, and Park Jay-bum participated in the concert.
“I knew some of the artists like Park Jay-bum and Block B, and it was very exciting to watch,” Natasha Vik (Temple University,  2) said.
Lee plans to continue the Campus Big Concert in other universities to promote KBS radio programs and relieve the stress  students nowdays.

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