Two parties wrestle for 44th Student Government Association
Two parties wrestle for 44th Student Government Association
  • Ko Min-seok
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The 44th election for the Student Government Association of Ewha will take place on Nov. 23 and 24. Two parties, the Acting Ewha and the Strength of Ewhains, have signed up.
Composed of Jung Na-wee (Sociology, 4) as the president candidate and Kim Han-gyul (Sculpture, 4) as the vice-president candidate, Acting Ewha focuses on solving issues within campus.
“Rather than claiming for half-price tuition on the streets, Acting Ewha will attempt to solve problems within school borders. Starting to solve issues on campus and then leading into societal problems will be best,” Jung said.
Acting Ewha proposed pledges in five major aspects: education, right of autonomy, unity, inclusiveness in the community, and welfare.
In the educational facet, Acting Ewha aims to solve the issues regarding tuition by forming a group, ACT-in Ewha. It will work to lower tuition by asking for return of reserved additions and decreasing reliance on tuition for Ewha’s operating expenses.
On the subject of autonomy, the group plans to carry out ACT-in autonomy and ACT-in student council to declare students’ rights within Ewha.
To bring unity to Ewha students, Acting Ewha will be arranging the ACT-in culture campaign. This campaign includes creating a Ewha-agora system, promoting square-culture, and more of which students will be able to gather together more often.
In terms of community and society, lectures the topic of labor issues, abolishment of discrimination against the disabled, and women’s rights have been scheduled.
Finally, with regards to welfare, Acting Ewha declares student-focused ownership of the Ewha Campus Complex (ECC). ACT-in Ewha opposes commercialization of the ECC, requests for more bulletins students can freely use, and declares for an increase of lounges and lockers.
The opposing group is Strength of Ewhains with Kim Hyun-kyung (Ceramic Art, 4) as the president candidate and Huh Song-yi (Science Education, 3) as the vice-president candidate.
The main focus of Strength of Ewhains is to promote a close bondage amongst the students of Ewha and foster heated communication. It also proposed pledges in five major aspects: democratic student council, half-price tuition and living expenses, unified community, community service, and educational diversity.
To promote a democratic student council that can echo the voices of students, Strength of Ewhains has suggested the round-table conference. They also plan to install more notice boards and set up social network systems.
The group will aim to lower school tuition and create an atmosphere where students can focus on their studies rather than financial issues.
Better communication between the student body and laborers of Ewha will also be pushed ahead through joint activities.
Finally, Strength of Ewhains will seek educational improvement. It intends to increase classes and professors, rid mandatory completion of English classes, expand study rooms, and publish a sourcebook on course credit, joint honors, and other information that students often question about.
Before the actual election, Acting Ewha and Strength of Ewhains will hold their second official public campaigns in front of the Museum at 12:00 p.m. on Nov. 22.

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