Final presentation of 1st 2011 Ewha Festival for Business Plan held
Final presentation of 1st 2011 Ewha Festival for Business Plan held
  • Lee Ji-hyun
  • 승인 2011.10.14 13:29
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▲ Yoon Seong-hyun(Business, 3) from the team, is presenting the final business plan at the LG Conventional Hall.
Ewha Festival for Business Plan Committee held its final presentation of the first 2011 Ewha Festival for Business plan on Oct. 12 at the LG Conventional Hall in the International Education Building. The competition was organized by the School of Business for the first time aiming to nurture future CEOs of Ewha alumnae.
Fifteen teams were selected through unassembled test to present their ideas on Sept. 28, and the number of teams was narrowed down to 10, and the final spotlight was given only to the five teams.The final five teams were: Pegasus Collection, the oJo,, the Dr. Food, and the RECupping.
The judges of this year’s Ewha Festival for Business Plan were Ewha professors in School of Business and the enterpreneurs in the business field; what judges examined in all the presentations were the five standard components in each plan: Creativity, Competitiveness, Contribution to the society, Practicality, and Strategic minds.
“The festival was arranged to implant students with business-minds such as cooperation, sacrifice and self-assessment, beyond the pursuit of profits,” said professor Yoon Jeong-koo (Business), an executive director of the festival. “Also, we wanted to train students with practical skills needed in launching business, from implementing ideas to embodying selling strategies, rather than just theoretical understanding,” professor Yoon said.
The six awarded business plans will receive financial assistance and consulting from the professionals to get their ideas ready to be applied in the market. Business major professors, CEOs, and Ewha graduates currently contributing to the business industry will become the teams’ advisory.
Ewha business Plan Festival Committee plans to hold this event annually.
“Ewha Festival for Business Plan is a program to upbring potential corporations and CEOs,” professor Yoon said. “I hope more students interested in business could participate in this program.”

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