Exhibiting artistic accomplishments on campus
Exhibiting artistic accomplishments on campus
  • Ko Min-seok
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▲ An art piece made by a student from the College of Art and Design is displayed at the exhibition “An Artist to Watch Out For.”
Starting this semester, the College of Art and Design is showcasing the exhibition, “An Artist to Watch Out For.” With the motive of promoting and encouraging new creative artists, the exhibition will be held in two divisions: Graduate division and Undergraduate division.
“Students working on their project day and night is easily noticeable at the Art & Design Buildings. I hope all Ewha students can have easy access to pieces of peer artists,” said Park Il-ho, the dean of College of Art and Design.
The opening ceremony of the first division, held on Oct. 4, celebrated the display of exhibits produced by 10 graduate students. Professors from each of the three departments – Fine Arts, Design, and Clothing & Textiles –recommended and decided upon the ten graduate students to exhibit their works.
Located throughout the three Art & Design Buildings, each artist is designated an area in which they can express their ideas as they please. The presented exhibits will be open to students until Oct. 21.
Exhibited art works range from two-dimensional paintings to sculptures to projected video clips. With artists from different majors, not only is the presented medium varied, but the theme and mood of each exhibit resonates originality.
“This is the first time the department has held such an exhibition, and I think it has provided a great opportunity. Usually, we just take classes and focus on our own individual work, but through this exhibition, I was able to see the works of students in different majors,” Kim Joon-hee (Fiber Arts, Graduate School) said.
“An Artist to Watch Out For,” which will be held in two divisions every semester, aims to open new opportunities for novice artists.
“In the long run, we wish the exhibition can assist in fostering new creative artists into society,” Park said.
The second division exhibiting works of selected undergraduate students will begin on Oct. 24, lasting for three weeks.

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