Humanities Renaissance is under way at Ewha 1
Humanities Renaissance is under way at Ewha 1
  • Lee Hea-won
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Ewha promotes humanities to students through special events
Ewha Institute for Humanities (EIH) held the Humanities Week from Sept. 20 to 24, under the theme “The pursuit of knowledge in life and happiness” in front of the Jinseonmi-gwan.
The first day of the Humanities of visual image: Watching happy films - students and professors gathered around under the starry stars and glued their attentions to the screen playing the French film “Amelie,” the first movie to launch the event.
Students explored the humanities and its issues concerned by watching various films. Films played during the five days were “Amelie of Montmartre” by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, “Gattaca” by Andrew Niccol, “Cherry Blossoms – Hanami” by Doris Dorrie, “Emma’s Bliss” by Sven Taddicken, and “Night Fishing” by Park Chan-wook and Park Chan-kyong.
The HK Research Professor, Lee Soo-jin, who received her Ph.D. in the semiotics of the narrative images in University of Paris VIII, talked about various literary aspects of “Amelie” and her hopes towards the students.
“I hope students realize the point they are standing is not important, but that the process involved in reaching that point is where happiness lies,” Lee said.
On the last day of the event, Park Chan-kyong, the co-producer of the Korean film “Night Fishing” talked about his motif and inspiration.
“Contents of humanities are incoportated into the film by conveying the motifs through Korean Shamanism and its traditional practices,” Park responded.
As students watched films and listened to lectures, their responses were beyond satisfactory.
“The event seemed well-organized despite the short amount of time. Overall, I enjoyed the lecture about the film, with crickets singing romantically throughout the event,” Choi Kyu-ri (Philosophy, 2) said.
While many undergraduate students excitedly watched various films, graduate students like Choi Bo-bi (Korean, Graduate School) attended a humanities discussion called, “How to live in this era,” another event of 2011 Humanities Week held from Sept. 21 to 23. 
According to Lee Hye-kyong (Women’s Studies, Graduate School), the President of Ewha Graduate Students’ Association and the organizer of the event, this discussion offered graduate students the chance to research on poetry they enjoy reading and also share each other’s literary analysis.
Graduate students who attended the event actively read, analyzed poems and shared their interpretations discreetly.
 “I felt honored to meet my favorite poet from this event. It was interesting to exchange thoughts with other humanities profession students,” Choi said.

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