Ewha launches Global Service Center
Ewha launches Global Service Center
  • Oh Yoon
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▲ Ewha President Kim Sun-uk, faculty, and students are cutting the ribbon at the opening ceremony of the Global Service Center at the Ewha Campus Complex B329 on Sept. 28. The Global Service Center will provide services to foreign students, exchange students, and foreign faculty members.
As the increasing number of students and faculty members comes to Ewha, the need for the expansion of OGA increased as well. Currently, there are 333 exchange students and 457 foreign students on Ewha campus. The Office of Global Affairs (OGA) launched the Global Service Center on Sept. 28 to deal with the needs of foreign students, exchange students, and foreign professors and instructors. The OGA had the center’s opening ceremony in the entrance lobby of the Global Service Center, which is in the Ewha Campus Complex B329.
The Global Service Center was established to provide services more efficiently.
“All the tasks related to global affairs were concentrated in the OGA in the past, and the efficiency of performing tasks decreased,” Kim Min-ji, an OGA program coordinator, said. “But now with the newly-opened Global Service Center, we expect to provide better and faster services for students visiting Ewha. The OGA hopes the Global Service Center will be the administrative hub for international students.”
The center supports both faculty and students; it will help foreign and exchange students settle on campus by assigning dormitories, providing information for course registration, connecting them with PEACE Buddies, organizing cultural experience programs and more. The OGA would be providing necessary assistances to the foreign faculties coming to the Ewha campus from setting up a bank account to housing and more.
Students welcome the Global Service Center.
“The OGA has been cooperative and helpful during my stay in Ewha, and I think the Global Service Center will be even more helpful,” said Teresa Baena (Malaga University, 1), a current exchange student. “The location of the center is close to the Ewha-Samsung International House, the dormitory where the exchange students stay, so many international students are likely to visit the center without difficulty.”

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