Set your sights wider: Double-major and minor 2
Set your sights wider: Double-major and minor 2
  • Ko Min-seok
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Deciding upon which study to double-major or minor in for underclassmen
At a period when double-major and minor is becoming a common practice, or close to mandatory, students come to question why this is necessary. It is given that double-majoring and choosing a minor would broaden students’ perspectives and increase interaction with other students, but what more is there to it?
There are several reasons why upperclassmen and professors encourage double-major and minor to freshmen.
Double-major and minor allow students to understand other studies. In the case of Korea, there is a barrier between majors. Through double-major and minor, this wall fades, and students are able to understand their own major in a broader sense.
By studying more than one major, students are able to expand on his or her selection. As most say, no matter which major you choose to focus on, it is best to seek above the horizon. Specializing in more than one major is a system looking out to assist students. Eventually, when it comes to choosing a career path or stepping into society, the extended knowledge will benefit students.
In most cases, when choosing a double-major or minor, students prefer studies that can support and complement the original major. For Lee Joong-hyun (Sogang University, 2), it was Economics and Psychology. Having entered university with an Economics major, Lee was at first thinking of double-majoring in Business. However, as he saw all his peers aiming to go through the same path as well, he decided to twist it a little by choosing Psychology.
“As I wish to work in the marketing field in the future, I came to a decision that Economics and Psychology would go well together. Studying Economics alone would have made me a man of limited scope. By double-majoring, I wish to learn more on consumer psychology. I believe Psychology will broaden my perspectives and apply well with Economics,” Lee said.
There are those who choose a second major along the line of their first, but there are also those who choose two polar majors. Division of Environmental Engineering and Korean Language and Literature were the two that Choi Yeon-hwa (Environmental Engineering, 4) settled on.
Though engineering was of Choi’s interest, when it came to considering her career earnestly, she realized researching was not her suit. That was how she decided to major in Korean Language and Literature; she came to the conclusion that books and novels were more proper for her.
“At first I was concerned as the two majors were different, but in the end, it was a pleasant experience. While studying the two majors, I was exposed to new knowledge and a group of people with varied ambience. The lesson I learned was that what one likes may not be what one may excel in,” Choi said.
Double-major and minor are now almost compulsory for university students. Knowing one’s interest and being able to develop on into the right direction would be the preparation necessary for underclassmen.

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