Set your sights wider: Double-major and minor 1
Set your sights wider: Double-major and minor 1
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The grand trend in double-major and minor
Graduating with double-major or minor degree is not much of a personal academic option nowadays but rather a mega trend among Korean undergraduate students. This trend can also be witnessed in Ewha as well: 345 students out of total 880 students who graduated Ewha this year on Aug. 26, achieved double-major degree, and 262 students graduated with minor degree.
When it comes to choosing one’s double-major or minor courses, many students chose Economics or Business as their second academic passion. Among total 607 students who graduated with double-major or minor degree, 44 double-majored and 32 minored at the Department of Economics and 66 double-majored and 57 minored at the School of Business. On the other hands, for less popular 69 departments, only one or two students double-majored or minored at those departments.
One of the main reasons why multi-majoring students choose the School of Business or the Department of Economics is due to the practicability in job search markets.
“I assumed double-major degree from the School of Business will be helpful in the future when I search for job positions,” Lee Mi-jeong (International Studies, 3) said.
Another reason is the popularity of business studies and economics, in other words, the lack of publicizing or popularity of other studies.
“I did not have much knowledge about other double-major options and since business is so popular among the students, I also decided to double-major in the School of Business,” Lee said.

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