University of Arizona
University of Arizona
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The University of Arizona is located in Tucson, Arizona in the United States. It is about an eight hour drive South from Las Vegas and also an eight hour drive East from California. The University of Arizona is ranked within the top 100 universities in the world and always have been competing within the United States for top rankings in certain fields.
I have been studying in the University of Arizona for roughly one year now. One of the famous schools in the University of Arizona is the business school which is the Eller College of Management. As I am a business major, this was one of the critical decisions for me coming to this particular university. It has top alumni and professors working together in helping students prepare after graduation.
Students are able to work on projects with local organizations, which help them gain real world experiences. Students within the business school are generally very competitive. The average GPA of students that graduate from the business school is 3.4 out of four showing that students take their education seriously and that you have to be the best.
Life as a student in the University of Arizona is pretty awesome. The spirit of togetherness among students is one of the best sights to behold. Students here are very passionate about our school teams mainly American football and basketball. During home games, students will gather into stadiums and cheer our teams. Ironically, we is called WildCats, which are the exact same WildCats in “High School Musical”.
I will leave it to you to decide whether this would be good or  bad, but the University of Arizona is one of the top of 10 partying schools in the United States. However, if one studies hard, I see no reason why you should not be partying hard. Friends you make here in the University of Arizona would be brought into a lifetime and memories cherished forever.
However, there are two points that might stop one from coming into the University of Arizona.
 First, the tuition of University of Arizona is relatively higher than those of other universities in the United States. It is approximately $USD 14,000 a semester for international students and there are other alternative universities in the United States that comes with a much cheaper tuition.
Second, there are not a lot of malls or big shops here in Tucson, Arizona. It is a very big difference between Arizona compared with New York, California or Seoul. Lastly, because Arizona is located in a desert terrain, there are not many green trees or flora and faunas around. Therefore, sometimes it gives you a feeling of an unfamiliar territory far away from home for those who live in tropical areas or  those not used to desert surroundings.

* Jia Yang Lim is currently studying at Ewha as an exchange student.

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