Cultural night unites Ewha and Chinese exchange students
Cultural night unites Ewha and Chinese exchange students
  • Yoo Seon-hwa
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▲ Students are presenting the traditional clothes at the Student Union theater on Sept. 8.
The Cultural night for Korea and China was held on Sept. 8 at the Student Union theater with 170 participants, including Chinese exchange students and Ewha Students.
This year’s cultural night was held to commemorate the 20th anniversary of bilateral ties between Korea and China, and to celebrate Chuseok, the Korean Thanksgiving Day. The cultural night had two sessions: Programs proposed by Ewha students and Chinese exchange students, and the Cultural night’s dinner in the Ewha Campus Complex.
 One-act play, a student quartet, Beijing Opera, and student beauty contest were held to promote students’ understanding toward both countries’ cultures.
“I believe through the cultural night, Chinese exchange students and Ewha students can construct a strong cultural intimacy. I am thankful for all students who must have put a lot of effort into preparing the event and showing respect to both cultures,” Lee Soo-jeong (Chinese, 1) said.
The Cultural night for Korea and China started with its opening key note speech from Ewha Vice President Lee Kyung-suk.
“Korea and China share the culture of celebrating Chuseok, but in different ways,” Lee said. “Both countries share various aspects of history. Therefore, there must be cultural similarities between them, which enables the understanding of differences. I hope this event contributes to the active communication with the Chinese students.”
The Cultural night of Korea and China received positive feedbacks from Ewha students and the Chinese exchange students.
“It was great to learn the cultures of both Korea and China while playing traditional instruments and wearing traditional clothes from both countries,” Gu Qing, a Chinese exchange student, said.
Following the hour-long performances, the Cultural night’s dinner session was held in the Lee Sam-bong hall in the ECC.
Lee Kyung-min (Chinese, 3), the student president of the department of Chinese Language and Literature, said that the first Cultural night was a success which opened a chance to communicate with Chinese students.
“We believe that tonight will be the foundation of building strong relationships between Chinese exchange students and Ewha students. This event was a chance to encourage students to open their minds and understand each other,” Lee said.

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