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Hongkong University
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The first things people think of when they hear Hong Kong are fashion and shopping. It is true that there are many places to shop at Hong Kong; however, the University of Hong Kong (HKU) is also an interesting place to visit because it is where you can meet students from all over the world, and enjoy the services that the school provides for its students.
HKU prides itself on being the number one university in Asia, according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Therefore, you can expect to receive high quality education in HKU.
It is easy to think that since HKU is located in Hong Kong, there will be only Chinese. If you are hesitant to come to HKU because you are not very familiar with Chinese, do not worry. You will be surprised to see what a diverse ethnicity the students at HKU represent. Of course, there are many Chinese and Asian students, but you can still meet students from Africa, Spain, the United States of America, and others. Naturally, everyone here can speak English, so you will not have problems with communication.
HKU’s campus is beautiful and suited for students’ convenience. One thing I like the most is the vast range of restaurants and cafes. They offer all kinds of international cuisines, so you will never get tired of eating on campus. Snack kiosks are also there to fill your stomach throughout the day.
Other attractions about HKU are places to visit nearby. One place you must stop by is Lan Kwai Fong. This is where many students go on Friday nights or the weekends to relax. Here, it does not matter whether you come alone or with friends. You can meet others who are looking for fun; you can drink, dance, or just talk. However, the price of drinks is pretty expensive, so you should be careful.
HKU is also located near Central, the home of many international business and finance companies. Though there will not be much for you to do there besides looking around, it is another place where you can feel that Hong Kong and HKU are truly international places.
So, the next time you come to Hong Kong, don’t look forward to only the shopping. Look forward to meeting people from all over the world, too!

* Christine Liu studied at Ewha as an exchange student last semester.

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