Gatekeeper’s careless passage of filteration
Gatekeeper’s careless passage of filteration
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Not so long from its controversial report of experiment on effects of violent games, Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation’s (MBC) Newsdesk has drew another public’s attention. On the night of May 15, it broadcasted a content concerning a murder which occurred in Incheon.
The murder, which is known as “lumber murder,” became a fervent topic on internet sites right after the scene was aired. The issue arose to the surface with the way how MBC transmitted the closed-circuit television capture at the scene.
With the announcer reporting the facts constituting an offense, the video showed the criminal brutally swinging lumber and stamping on fallen victim. On top of everything else, the image was not fully covered with mosaic process and the viewers could clearly witness the fear and violence without a choice.
Even though the announcers apologized for the matter before closing the program, continuous problems of screening lascivious and violent contents initiated public arguments of yellow journalism to rise to the surface.
Along with this issue the problem occurred in the past is being spotlighted again. Last December, it had broadcasted a video which contained the whole process of a person’s death. As the victim was standing nearby a bus station, a bus skidded and pressed the victim against a streetlight. The victim fell like a petal as the bus backed off.
As a matter of fact, news  should act as gatekeepers for the society. The media should always consider the eyes of viewers when allowing contents of news, especially when the matter of subject is regarding human life and ethic. If the media fail to conduct its duty as the gatekeeper, the society will fall into disorder where abnormal situations become normal to common people.
Moreover, news should not look away from the journalistic conscience. Rather than causing confusion and disputes to become a subject of conversation, journalism should always keep the audience to the priority and work hard to maintain its pride as a broadcast.

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