University of Hawaii at Manoa
University of Hawaii at Manoa
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If someone were to think of Hawaii, the first image would probably be the beach. It is nearly impossible to go to an island without going to the beach and Hawaii has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The sandy shores invite the relaxing atmosphere of the ocean and on clear days, you can see the red dirt from the nearby islands. It truly is beautiful. This alone should lure anyone to the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM), but if not, imagine being surrounded by lush mountainous trails because Hawaii is full of them. Trails for the adventurous or the leisure hiker-type can be found all over the island’s valleys. Hidden waterfalls and mountain peaks attract visitors to Hawaii all year-round, but if you prefer a concrete jungle, then you can find your way to the mall or one of the various shopping locations.
Hawaii has something for everyone, and you won’t need to travel far for the experience. Each island has its own appeal, but Oahu is definitely the most diverse in its attractions. There is so much to do in a compact location, and UHM is at a prime location to experience it all.
The campus life at UHM is one filled with various activities throughout the year that will give you the opportunity to encounter different people and cultures. Being in a geographic location that allows cultures from Asia, the Pacific Islands, and America to blend, Hawaii is known to be the melting pot of the pacific. The diversity can be seen everywhere.
Even the courses offered give you a cornucopia of choices. You will find something of interest to you whether it is for your major or as an elective. Traditional or contemporary arts from all over the world are taught at the university. Dancing, swimming, or martial arts are only a few of the electives to choose from. You can also expand on your interests by joining one or more of the many clubs on campus. All clubs vary in activities and interest, but they are a great way to meet people outside of the classroom. UHM has a lot to offer for students looking for an interesting exchange experience.
I can only write so much, but if you do decide to visit, know that everyone will welcome you with aloha.

*Leanne Malijana is currently studying at Ewha as an exchange student.


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