Online campus systems need fewer glitches
Online campus systems need fewer glitches
  • Park Se-ra
  • 승인 2011.05.23 10:43
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Small, recurring problems with the Ewha Global Online (EGO) campus and the Cyber Campus have been drawing attention, despite their various features such as e-mail notifications of course updates or the ability to view class materials a week ahead of time.
On April 26, the online lecture service of the EGO Web site suddenly became temporarily unavailable. Although the Web site was fully functional the next day, it was not as if this was the first time for it to hit a bump.
The EGO provides online English courses for Ewha students and for students from Ewha partner institutions around the world. A variety of courses taught by world-famous scholars are provided, along with specialized courses from Ewha, such as Korean Studies and Women’s Studies. Currently, 20 out of 2,000 classes in Ewha are EGO courses.
Unlike classes that use the Internet to supplement offline meetings, severe problems with the EGO online system hinder the progress of the classes because they only exist online.
“Getting on the EGO homepage and getting any work done even if I wanted to is hard,” Moon Ji-hyun (Educational Technology, 2) said. “I personally feel the system is still unstable.”
On the other hand, from miscellaneous notices to class materials, the Cyber Campus serves as a virtual classroom for Ewha students and professors. In some classes, students even take quizzes or exams through the Cyber Campus but it also has problems.
“The Cyber Campus keeps notifying me of this error code that never seems to go away, even when I try to switch computers,” Cho Ah-ra (Nutritional Science & Food Management, 1) said. “It takes me forever to open up a PowerPoint file and print it out. This happened over 10 times already.”
As these online service problems have been rising at a steady rate, many students are now taking matters into their own hands by protesting on both the Cyber Campus board and the EGO board, urging the school to take action on said repeated breakdowns.
The Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL) had only to say that officer personnel are well aware of the frequent malfunctioning of their system.
“The series of glitches dogging the EGO Moodle system and Cyber Campus can be attributed to the combination of technical problems and having the system newly adopted,” said Kim Hyun-mi, the person in charge of the EGO at the ITL. “Also, the managers are still adapting to it just as much as the students are.”
Director of ITL Lee Chong-kyung said Ewha works continuously to prepare a secure service and is making further efforts to ensure stability in Cyber Campus and the EGO in short time.

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