Ewha, Get Physical! 3
Ewha, Get Physical! 3
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 On the other hand, Ewha’s fitness facilities are not the only place to get a good work out. According to a survey, the only exercise 18 percent of Ewha students get is walking around campus. The Ewha Voice followed a number of students on their daily walks to study how efficient they can be.

Students who live in the dormitory Hanwoori Hall walk from the front gate to get to the dormitory, burning 87.5 calories for every 17-minute walk.

Walking the route taken by the school’s shuttle bus takes up 21 minutes, and burns 97 calories, which is more than dancing, doing yoga, or playing badminton for the same amount of time. The course runs from the Ewha subway station, through the Front Gate, passes by the Physical Education Buildings, the Helen Hall, Ewha-POSCO Building, the Science Buildings, and ends at the base of the Asan Engineering Building.

Walking from the Back Gate to the Ewha Centennial Library takes up to six minutes and burns 33 calories. A walk from the Front Gate to the tennis court located next to the Bugahyeon Gate takes up 17 minutes and burns 91 calories, which is better than biking, playing softball or bowling for an hour.

“I first went to fitness centers around my home for early morning walks, becoming a slave to the treadmill and indoor track,” Kang Min-joo (Health Education and Management, 3) said.

However, she said that staring at her iPod while running to nowhere was intolerable. Ever since, she followed a course around campus, walking 20 minutes every morning. Although students will have to brave the dark, wet and cold early morning hours, Kang said there is something refreshing about it and strongly recommended this to others, especially those living on campus.

“Research has indicated that through a mere ten minutes of exercise you can keep healthy. The one thing that doctors advise people to do is walk. They say that by walking just three times a day, ten minutes at a time, the result would be equal to that of exercising 30 minutes once a day,” said Lee Jae-hyun, the laboratory chief at the Sky Sports Clinic.

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