Unforgettable time at Centenary College
Unforgettable time at Centenary College
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Kim Youn-kyong (English Education, 4) poses with her friend on Thanksgiving Day.
I believe that spending a year in Centenary College as an exchange student had provided me with a lot of benefits. I was able to upgrade my English, experience diverse cultures, and help people in need.
First of all, studying at Centenary College improved my English proficiency. Since I lived in Oxford, England and
the United States for a year respectively during my teenage years, I didnot have problems speaking to foreigners . but I wanted to speak English more fuently. When I was at Centenary,
many teachers helped me to improve my English. Also, there was a ‘Conversation Partner’ program that would assign an American student to an exchange student. By participating in this program, I could understand American culture more.
In addition, I had the chance to experience diverse culture while staying America. Centenary College taught me what it means to be a part of a global society. The students at Centenary had diverse backgrounds. By studying
with foreign friends, I could learn about their culture and their thoughts. Furthermore, meeting a lot of people from all over the world made me understand humans more deeply.
Kim poses at a gathering with her friends at the Centenary College in the United States of America.


Moreover, I had opportunities to help other people and learn many things through volunteering. While I was at
Centenary, I went to Louisiana to build houses for the people who lost their homes because of Hurricane Katrina. I participated in community service and gave help to those who are in need.
Because of Centenary’s belief in sharing with the community, I could help people in need with my friends.
Centenary was the right college for me to study one year as an exchange student. By attending Centenary College, I improved my English, learned about different cultures, and participated in community service. Considering my age and grade, I think it was the best time for me to study abroad. I will never forget what I learned from a year at Centenary.

* Kim Youn-kyong ('06, English Education) studied in Centenary College, the United States of America.

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