MRC selected as Program Supporter of Social Enterprise
MRC selected as Program Supporter of Social Enterprise
  • Hur Jin
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The Ewha Management Research Center (MRC) was selected as a management commissioned institute of the New Business Model and Innovation Center specializing in woman on April 21 by the Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency, a government-affliated organization.
The MRC was selected as one of the institutes after specialized supervision of open contest.
“A social enterprise is a company that tries to solve current social problems through innovative business models,” said Heo Na Yoon, a researcher in the MRC.
Founded on Oct. 8, 1969, the MRC is a research center for women that supports research and education of future women leaders in business administration.
“We believe it is a good opportunity for the MRC to be part of the new business model and innovative center. Nurturing women leaders in social enterprises is a new role that Ewha must take on and thus bring new possibilities to women in society,” Heo said.
The MRC’s role in the center is to nurture women with creative entrepreneurial spirits to help relieve unemployment. To serve its role as a management commission institute, the MRC will be participating as a supporter of the New Business Model and Innovation Center’s program which is caring for the new social
enterprises before their launching in the market.
The MRC is planning to select at least 14 teams with members between the ages of 19 and 39, among 32 number of teams that have signed up. The selected teams will be funded by the Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency with between 20 million and 30 million won in promoting the new business. The MRC will also help them with supporters from the MRC and provide work space in Ewha-Shinsegae Building for the commencement of a new
Ewha students also welcome the news about the MRC.

“I think it is a great start for Ewha to participate in promoting social enterprises. The role that social enterprises play can benefit women out in society and many people are looking forward to such development of social enterprises,” Seong Gil-ryang (International Office Administration, 1) said.
Heo said she looks forward to student involvement in the MRC.

“We hope that Ewha students will take more interest in social enterprises through this open contest and participate in the forums and events that the MRC will be presenting later on as well,” she said. 

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