Women CEOs from the ABAC Women’s Forum lectures in Ewha
Women CEOs from the ABAC Women’s Forum lectures in Ewha
  • Yoo Seon-hwa
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Women CEOs and Park Kyung-hee, the Dean of Ewha School of Business, pose at Lee Sam-bong Hall after the ABAC Women’s forum on April 29.
The first ABAC Women’s Forum (APEC Business Advisory Council) took place at Ewha on April 29 at Lee Sam-bong Hall with 390 participants.
The three speakers included Chairman of VIA Technologies & HTC Cher Wang, Group President of P&G Asia Deborah Henretta and Chairman of IQ-quest company Fauziah Talib.
The forum had two sessions including speeches under the theme “Women in Business: Challenges and Opportunities” and a Round-Table Event, in which seven to eight students per table had the opportunity to discuss practical tips related to achieving goals as women in business with one of the ABAC members.
Wang advised students to always dream big and plan their long-termvision.
“It is hard to survive in the business sector but if you have eyes to catch opportunities and passion in your heart, your vision will come true,”Wang said.
The ABAC Women’s Forum received positive feedback from many Ewha students.
“I was very impressed by the speech of Cher Wang, who emphasized the importance of challenge and planning vision,”Noh Hye-lim (Business, 3) said. “Through the lecture I was proud of being a woman and gained confidence that women can take high positions in business if we dream big and plan right.”
After an hour-long key note speech, 21 students selected by the School of Business, participated in the Round-table event. Each table consisted of Ewha students, graduates of Ewha and one ABAC member.
Chung Jee-yae, manager of the International Program, said that the first ABAC Women’s Forum was a success with students enthusiastically participating in both the lecture and round table sessions.
“We believe the lecture was powerful enough to encourage students to overcome their limitations and devote themselves to make differences in the world,” Chung said.
ABAC is an advisory body of APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) created by the APEC Economic Leaders in 1995 to respond to various business-related issues.

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