New light casted on Gold Diggers #3
New light casted on Gold Diggers #3
  • Professor Yikweon Jang
  • 승인 2011.04.03 12:31
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The most “evolved” females

▲ Professor Yikweon Jang (Life Science)

Elites Attract Smart Girls
In the surveys, more than 80% of Ewha students put an emphasis on high educational background and intelligence. Not surprisingly, this result reflects women’s tendency of viewing intelligence or education as one of the universal factors - potential resources of men. Well-educated partners have a high probability of bringing in more resources in the future than do less-educated males. Also, consistent with ‘good gene theory’ - the offspring of the chosen males should benefit (such as viability, etc.) from their mothers’ mate choice, the educated women including Ewha students seek for a well-educated partner because they want smart children. Still, from another perspective, they might simply want a partner who can share thoughts and talks of a similar level of sophistication.

Gold Miss Boom
The surveys reveal that boy friends of Ewha students will have to wait patiently, if they want to plan a real future with their girl friends. One thing interesting about Ewha girls’ mating decision compared with average women is that more than 80% of Ewha students preferred to get married relatively late. They considered the ideal age for marriage to be between 26 and 31 whereas in the cross-cultural research by Dr. Buss, females in general considered the age of 25.4 to be the ideal. It reflects the atmosphere of society where the equality of the sexes has been spread and the number of “working moms” increased. Since Ewha students tend to be relatively more ambitious and hence usually seeking own job or higher degrees, they prefer to take longer time before they get married and have a child. In the real society as well, successful women normally get married when they are about 30 years old at the soonest. And it is noticeable that women who have a doctorate usually have a late life cycle, and the age difference between them and their youngest children is quite large.
Here is the summary for both boys and girls. Boys, to get a wife, a hot (in other words, fertile) one, you need to either be smart and diligent or be rich and have a well-paying job. You don’t have to spend much money to get plastic surgery or bulk up your body. Maybe it’s best to buy a fancy car with that money to attract women. Girls, if you ever feel guilty because you’re evaluating your boyfriend or male friends with superficial standards such as job and money, don’t be. It’s all written in our genes. If you think you’re being too calculative, you may feel relieved because you may be more evolved than other girls around you. But, whatever you do, just remember that human society is so complicated that a lot of times following the fundamental instincts straight forwardly may backfire. Thus, when finding mates, it’ll be smart to find the best way to utilize both the information you earned from this essay and some maneuvering plans.

Yoon Ji-hyun (Life science, 4) composed this essay during the course of “Animal Behavior,” and Choi Se-lim (International Studies, 4) edited it. Professor Yikweon Jang (Life Science) gives lectures on “Behavior of Animals,” and “Animal Behavior.”

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