Sciences Po Lille
Sciences Po Lille
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Do you want to have the chance to go abroad and learn Moliere’s language? Do you want to be close to the big European capitals without paying a fortune? Do you want to meet students from all around the world and build your career on an international level? Then you might be interested in Sciences Po Lille.
Founded in 1991, Sciences Po Lille takes advantage of its youth to provide a scholar program always in touch with the employment of current needs. In partnership with all the Sciences Po schools in France, it uses its experience to offer renowned programs in order to provide the students with professional life.
As a French student, joining this prestigious school is tough. The entrance examination depends on your English level, ability to analyze past events and link them with current political and economic issues and your general knowledge.
Lille, the 4th largest metropolitan area in France, is one hour afar from Paris, two hours from London, five hours from Amsterdam, and 30 minutes from Brussels. This strategic position at the crossroad of Northern Europe enables Sciences Po to provide a broad knowledge of how the world turns round nowadays. Students can plan to have a career in European, International and National organizations. The school aims to educate tomorrow’s leaders, making them CEO of international companies, lobbyists in a European Institution, journalists, or diplomats working in the United Nations.
The third year is the turning point in a Sciences Po Lille student life. It is mandatory for all students to go abroad for one year. Students can choose to study in a partner university, or to achieve an internship in the company of their choices. Sciences Po Lille has 140 partnership programs in almost 30 countries.
Being a student in Sciences Po Lille means discovering cultures from all around the world and enjoying life as an international student. Foreign students are warmly hosted by the international student’s organization, the Bureau Des Internationaux. They are helped by the other student’s organizations. Together, they do their best to enlighten student’s life in Lille. Thanks to these organizations, you can do all sorts of sports, learn to cook French food, participate in a play and enjoy artistic life of Lille. In the middle of the spring semester, the students visit their Sciences Po counterparts in one city in France, and participate in a sport competition. It’s an opportunity to meet people and represent your school’s colors (red and white for Lille), the whole in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere!
In five years, the Sciences Po Lille student will turn from being an unsure young person to an ambitious and fulfilled adult, ready to be active in his or her environment.


* Marine Forestier is currently studying at Ewha as an exchange student.

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