Ewha provides new exam answer sheet
Ewha provides new exam answer sheet
  • Oh Yoon
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The new A4 sized exam answer sheet will be available for Ewha students from this semester  according to the Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs (OFAA). OFAA decided to provide both A4 and B4 sized exam answer sheets in better quailty at the Directors Meeting held on March 14.
Before this amendment, the OFAA used to provide both ruled and un-ruled answer sheets in B4 sized coarse paper.
Students often complained that B4 sized exam answer sheets are bigger than the size of usual campus desks, which makes students inconvenient to write.
Students welcome the school’s decision on new exam answer sheets. “Some of the desks in Ewha are too small for B4 sized papers, like the desks in Hak-gwan,” Bae Yoon-jeong (English, 2) said. “A4 sized exam answer sheets should fit better with desks.”
The meeting decided to improve the quality of answer sheets as well. During the past years, Ewha used coarse papers for exam answer sheets, which ripped easily and were difficult to erase off pencil marks.
“The old exam answer sheets, the coarse one, ripped easily and it was hard to erase off the pencil marks,” Kwon Min-jung (International Studies, 3) said. “Now school is not using the coarse paper, I will be able to write on the exam answer sheet without ripping off the page.”
The OFAA will provide former coarse paper answer sheets until the remaining supply is used up to save expenses.
However, some students worry about school’s financial issue and the environment protection. “Now the school is going to spend extra money on exam answer sheets which will be thrown away after the exam is over,” Cho Seung-yeon (Advertising and Public Relations, 4) said. “Also, it would be more environmentally friendly.”
The annual budget on exam answer sheets has been around 2,500,000 won, however, it is estimated to increase as the school start using paper with better quality.
“As the quality of the paper improves, the budget for exam answer sheets is estimated to increase by around 1,000,000 won this year than that of previous year’s,” said Kang Hye-seon, a staff of the OFAA.

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