Ewha students start clean campus movement
Ewha students start clean campus movement
  • Yoo Seon-hwa
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▲ Members of Concept_Full Ewha post posters asking Ewha students to be resoponsible for waste management
Clearly there has been a drift of public opinions for cleaning the Ewha campus by students themselves for being more conscientious. As a result of the student’s eagerness for clean campus, the new project “Concept_Full Ewha students” started on March 17. The project was started by the idea of Park Sae-mi (Political Science, 3) and now it is consisted of five members.
The project which aims to advocate students to be more responsible for handling waste made its first step by posting a resolution of the project. The posting soon received appreciation from many Ewha students. “After posting our claim for the project, many students expressed their willingness to support us saying they have been depressed by students who unconsciously throw trashes on the campus,” Park said.
The posters that the members posted clearly show the seriousness of heaps of rubbish at every corner of campus and classrooms. The participants of the project took pictures of thrown wastes around campus and wrote down the statement asking Ewha students “is throwing trashes irresponsibly the best you can do?”
“It was hard to make 15 hand-written posters solely with our five members and post them. With our ceaseless effort, posters could be posted on 15 different buildings at Ewha,” said Roh Jeong-eun (Computer Science, 3), a member of Concept_Full Ewha students.
Students expect to see clean campus. “This project will make students to be more conscientious about cleaning up the trashes. The project is  refreshing since students recognized the waste problem and gathered for the solution,” said Kim Yun-mi (Environmental and Food Engineering, 4).
“Concept_Full Ewha students” is looking for students to help their project and is waiting to get some feedback from students. Students who want to join the project or who wishes to check out the steps of the project can contact via Web site (http://club.cyworld.com/conceptFULL-Ewha).
“Janitors are not the only ones who are responsible for excessive trashes. It is the responsibility of all the Ewha students to keep the campus litter free. I hope all the students to participate in the project,” Park said.

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