SGA recalls student day planners
SGA recalls student day planners
  • Oh Yoon
  • 승인 2011.04.03 11:48
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The Student Government Association (SGA) announced on March 14 its plan to recall the distributed student day planners and exchange them with new ones. Schedules for mid-term and final exams were missing from the monthly calendar in the planners, and this lack of information evoked a backlash by some students.
When signing a contract with Iskra, which also made the student planner in 2010, the SGA asked the company to make all the planner content as same as last year’s. The SGA gave the new planner contents to Iskra on Jan. 11 and checked the information on Jan. 16.
“I or the vice president of the SGA did not discover the missing schedule nor were we informed of the missing schedule,” said Ryu Ea-seul (Political Science, 4), the president of SGA.
The SGA and Iskra decided after March 7 that Iskra is responsible for the missing schedules as the company neglected its duty to note all changes in written form.
“We decided with the SGA that the first responsibility for the mistake was on us,” said Lee Hyun-kyung, the director of Iskra. “Therefore, we will cover the entire production cost of 5,600,000 won in total.”
Iskra will print 40,000 revised planners, and new planners will be available to students in the third week of April.

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