Student Friendly Ewha Campus Complex
Student Friendly Ewha Campus Complex
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Shin Sul-wi
(International Studies, 2)

I can still remember being overcome with awe and anticipation on my first day at Ewha. My tedious high school days were already far behind me and I was ready to start a whole new stage of life. I remember my first class at the Ewha-POSCO Building and how the classroom was shaped like a theater so that people sitting in the back could still read what the professor wrote on the board without constantly having to stretch their neck. I also loved the school campus and how beautiful it looked when it snowed. I fell in love with this school from the first day and I can say that I am still finding new things to love.
However, over the short but long year that I have attended Ewha, there are a few things which I believe are an inconvenience to the students directly. I would like to point out one of those inconveniences. It is an issue that I believe that almost all, maybe even every student, will agree is a nuisance; the Ewha Campus Complex (ECC) lockers.
I’ve first heard about the infamous ECC lockers during orientation from my upperclassman. I heard how it was the perfect place for one’s locker to be since there is almost never a day when one did not past by the ECC. She also told me the sad news of the fierce competition one needs to win in order to gain ownership of the locker. She did console me, saying that for those who did not receive ECC lockers, there will be chances to get lockers in our department building. Considering the fact that my department building is the International Education Building (IEB) and that I would have to take the elevator all the way up to at least the ninth floor, it wasn’t much of a consolation. I’m sure it is the same for students of other majors as well, especially the students whose lockers are in the Asan Engineering Building.
For me, I was fortunate enough to win the “locker lottery” during my freshman year. This year, I was not so lucky and I will now be the owner of the IEB locker on the ninth floor. What I didn’t realize as a freshman was how lucky I was to receive an ECC locker. The demand for the ECC lockers far surpasses the supply.
Most of my friends haven’t had the chance to use the lockers even once. The issue about the number of lockers, I have heard, has been going on for quite a while now. I do believe that there are plenty of places for the school to install lockers in the ECC and it is time that lockers should be supplied.
Whenever my friends visit me at school they comment on the ECC and its facilities and say, “No wonder your school has high tuition fees. The facilities are great.” Yes, we do have good facilities. However, I’m sure that most students will agree that it could be a bit more student-friendly.

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