New light casted on Gold Diggers #2
New light casted on Gold Diggers #2
  • Professor Yikweon Jang
  • 승인 2011.03.13 13:56
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The most “evolved” females

(Life Science)
Hopes Up, Ugly Joe’s! 

Hopes Up, Ugly Joe’s! 


Hopes Up, Ugly Joe’s! Here is good news for many plain Joe’s. For females, handsome appearance is not a significant factor in choosing their mates. This is because, biologically speaking, male’s physical attractiveness is not closely linked with fertility.
On the other hand, sadly enough for us-girls, boys do die for our looks. Our physical attractiveness and youth determined by factors such as waist-to-hip ratio (0.7 being ideal) and other cues do matter for our reproductive values.
 Thus, just as our inherent desire to seek “gold,” boy’s instinctive lust for “hot girls” is another evolutionary result. So, next time you see an ugly Joe and hot Jane couple, instead of giving them an uncomfortable glance, be awed of how amazingly evolutionary psychology works in our lives.


Maybe Female Virgin Is Not Bad
The surveys reveal that Ewha girls are relatively more generous about their mate’s previous sexual relations with more than 50% regarding chastity (no previous sexual intercourse) relatively unimportant. This maybe because whether or not a potential husband had slept with other girls before, we can always be sure of our own baby that we are raising. We welcome a husband candidate (preferably, rich and competent) regardless of his virginity.
On the contrary, the good news for virgin girls is that partner’s chastity seems to be of more importance for males. They simply can never be certain of parenthood of their child. A common movie or drama plot associated with conflicts of uncertainty of parenthood is a possible conundrum for every man. Nevertheless, although in general boys tend to maintain relatively more conservative views toward their partner’s chastity, the degree of preference for virgin partner vary by person, culture and generations.

Girls Feed On Her Partner’s Love
All girls crave for her partner’s love and affection. Why? The hint lies in the book, “Evolutionary psychology: the new science of the mind” by D. M. Buss. He argues that women have faced adaptive problem of choosing a man with both resources and willingness to invest them on his wife and children. Although resources can be directly observed, commitment cannot. Dr. Buss says one of the key cues for women which signal the future fidelity to commit resources is love and affection. So, here is another lesson for any Joe’s in love: pour in as much of love as possible to your women, for this will determine whether she stays with you or not.

♦To be continued in next issue

Yoon Ji-hyun (Life science, 4) composed this essay during the course of “Animal Behavior,” and Choi Se-lim (International Studies, 4) edited it. Professor Yikweon Jang (Life Science) gives lectures on “Behavior of Animals,” and “Animal Behavior.”

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