Behind Ewha’s success in National exams 1
Behind Ewha’s success in National exams 1
  • Yoo Seon-hwa
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The school supports students by providing facilities such as audiovisual rooms, seminar rooms and information & data room.
* Ewha obtained excellent results in state examinations. Behind it stands fully devoted professors caring for students, and students studying restlessly leaving out time for enough sleep to pass the exam. For this edition, Ewha Voice will introduce how Ewha’s exam preparation classes run, episodes of students, and further plans. There are some students around campus who put up a solitary struggle all the time studying throughout the vacation and semester. Many who visit campus have witnessed placards at the front gate, the College of Social Science or near the Ewha Law School, congratulating the efforts of these students who finally have been crowned with their reward by passing one of the extremely competitive exams in Korea.
This year, many Ewha students have once again achieved conspicuous results in national examinations including the national bar exam, the Higher Civil Service Examination, and the Foreign Service Examination. According to the Office of University Relations and Development a total of 327 students have passed the national examination since 2005, 63 students have passed the bar exam and 6 students have passed the Foreign Service Examination.
Despite being a single-sex university, since 2007 Ewha has continually ranked among the “Big Five Universities” in the total number of successful candidates for the three national examinations mentioned above.

“Ewha students exert great efforts to gain their dream, which is to pass the state exam. They study day and night in the darkness of state examination preparation classes and have to manage unspeakable stress for the exams,” said professor Cho Chung-lae (Public Administration), who is taking charge of the Higher Civil Service Examination and the Foreign Service Examination preparation classes.
There are several national examinations that many Ewha students prepare for in their early life, including the Civil Service Examination, the Patent Attorney’s Certificate test, the Certified Public Accountant exam and etc.
The national bar exam, Higher Civil Service Examination and Foreign Service Examination are considered among the most difficult examinations to pass in Korea, each requiring students to pass primary, secondary and tertiary exams all at once. They are called the “Top Three Advanced Examinations” in Korea due to their level of difficulty and the competition rate.
In 1995 Ewha established examination preparation classes  and Soseul Residence, to further the education of students preparing for the national examinations or for students who passed the primary and secondary bar exam. Currently, there are 96 students in the Higher Civil Service Examination and the Foreign Service Examination classes in the Ewha-POSCO Building room 752 and 150 students at the Soseul Residence.
The Ewha state examination preparation class is facilitated with state of the art facility services such as an audio visual room, resting lounge, and an individual reading room with an assistant to provide an amicable studying environment for students. Apart from these facilities, financial aid and advisory support from professors are also available. In addition, the state examination preparation class also conducts a regular meeting once per semester with students, a class assistant and professors to discuss  their life and studies and to share their problems together. Also, students who passed the bar exam provide a special lecture to encourage students in the state examination preparation class.
“Ewha is providing the best circumstances for students by financially supporting their challenge. We provide a special seminar for students at a highly discounted price and encourage students with a scholarship who passed the primary examination,” said professor Cho.


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