E.roum improves the communication between the school and students
E.roum improves the communication between the school and students
  • Namkung Yoon
  • 승인 2011.03.13 13:37
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The student service monitoring group E.roum, which has the meaning of “To make and improve Ewha more like Ewha,” has put its effort to become a bridge that connects students and the school for better communication since August 2010.
For the past seven months, E.roum has done various events related to monitoring students’ service and publicizing the Student Service Center (SSC), which organized E.roum.
With monthly meetings and reports, E.roum opens its eyes and ears for the students’ suggestions on student service. The SSC faculty members also participate in E.roum’s regular meetings to concentrate on the monitoring group and apply its suggestions to the school’s policy.
Last year, E.roum did events such as having quizzes about the SSC at the Ewha Campus Complex, Student Union Building, the Welch-Ryang auditorium, so that students can be more aware of the SSC’s roles. Moreover, surveys related to student service programs were held by E.roum in the Ewha-POSCO Building, Education Building, and Hak-gwan in order to collect information from students.
“The most memorable event for me was the quiz event,” Lee Yu-jeong (Consumer Studies, 4), the current leader of E.roum said. “We had an event under the slogan of letting students ask anything they are curious about, and I was surprised when students really asked about literally ‘everything’ such as the location of washrooms or how to buy tickets for the Choo-suk holidays. I was happy that I became a help to students who want to know more about the school.”
Students who want to know more about E.roum or those who want to give suggestions related to student service can send an e-mail (E.roum@ewha.ac.kr). Also, information related to E.roum is posted on the Web site (http://onestop.ewha.ac.kr/). E.roum’s recruitment was held in last year and this January twice. E.roum plans to post the information about recruitment of new members when it is ready.
“E.roum has put a lot of effort into informing students of the SSC, but I think many students are still not aware of it. We plan to help students more in getting to know about the SSC and the school both online and offline this semester. We hope that many students’ suggestions and opinions are applied to the school’s policy,” Lee said.

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