Ewha Law School selected as outstanding law school
Ewha Law School selected as outstanding law school
  • Kim Jin-ah
  • 승인 2011.03.13 13:28
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Ewha Law School was selected  as one of the excellent law schools in Korea on Feb. 25 by the preliminary evaluation of the Law School Evaluation Commission (LSEC).
Ewha Law School received high scores in four specialized fields, which are development of teaching materials, support of teaching and research assistants, development of teaching methods, and reward programs for outstanding professors.
Ewha Law School provides well-organized class-analysis programs, seminars, and workshops to its professors to improve their teaching methods. Class-analysis is a program that analyzes good and bad points of classes through monitoring, and it gives feedback to professors. Furthermore, professors with outstanding teaching methods or research are rewarded to motivate other professors to also come up with better teaching methods.
“Faculty members of the Ewha Law School have and will provide differentiated education programs and academic know-how to every student,” said professor Song Tuck-soo (Law), the dean of the College of Law and the head of Ewha Law School. “Also, we will do our best to help students become global leaders as well as talented professionals in the field of law.”
The LSEC’s evaluation result was preliminary since it plans to provide the official result of the management of Korean law schools in February 2012. The LSEC evaluated law schools in eight areas including internationalization, specialization, and strictly impartial academic affairs. It selected excellent law schools based on assessment results provided by each school’s own evaluation committee.
The purpose of this preliminary evaluation was to let the law schools develop the programs and methods themselves by sharing different management techniques with each other.

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