New Chairperson of Ewha Hakdang Chang Myong-sue inaugurated
New Chairperson of Ewha Hakdang Chang Myong-sue inaugurated
  • Oh Yoon
  • 승인 2011.03.13 13:25
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Chang Myong-sue, the new Chairperson of Ewha Hakdang (right), Yoon Hoo-jung, the former chairperson (left) and Kim Sun-uk (middle), the president of Ewha are posing at the inauguration of the new chairperson on March 2.
The inauguration of the new chairperson of the board of Ewha School, Ewha Hakdang, was held at the LG Convention Hall on March 2.
Yoon Hoo-jung, the former chairperson of Ewha Hakdang from 2001 to 2011 stepped down from the position and passed the legacy to the newly appointed chairperson, Chang Myong-sue.
Chang provided two visions at the inauguration speech.
“I want Ewha to walk along with the universities around the world and to seek how universities should contribute to world peace, prosperity and humanly life,” Chang said. “Ewha should not forget the founding members of Ewha and share the fruits we harvested.”
Chang agitated that Ewha should give opportunities to women in developing countries like what Mary F. Scranton, the founder of Ewha, did.
The former Chairperson Yoon also gave her resignation speech and emphasized the importance of women’s education and gender equality in Korean society.
The new Chairperson Chang studied Journalism at Ewha from 1960 to 1963. Chang started her journalism career as cub reporter at the Hankook Ilbo in 1963 and became the editor–in–chief of the Hankook Ilbo in 1998.
Chang was the first woman in Korea ever to become an editor-in-chief of a major daily newspaper. Chang also became the CEO of Hankook Ilbo and became the first female CEO in the Korean press industry from 1999. Chang has been in an advisory post at the Hankook Ilbo since 2003. Chang served as the vice president of the Korea Newspapers Association from 2001 to 2002. She has served as a director for the school since October 2009.

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