New leadership program guides freshmen to Ewha
New leadership program guides freshmen to Ewha
  • Yoo Seon-hwa
  • 승인 2011.02.25 23:07
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Participants of the program Fly Up Toward the Dream With Ewha posed after deliveration of a congratulatory address of opening ceremony.
  Incoming freshmen got a little extra help adjusting to life at Ewha this year, thanks to a program sponsored by the Ewha Office of Admissions (EOA) and Ewha Institute for Leadership Development. The With Ewha, Fly Up Toward the Dream program, which works with high schools nationwide, was conducted from Jan. 17 to 21 and from Jan. 24 to 28. Total 120 students participated in each session.
  The program was open to students who entered Ewha by their own methods of learning, studying and planning without help of private institutions, and those who were the only ones, or one of a few, from their high school to be admitted to Ewha.
  “Surprisingly, so many students who were full of passion applied for our program,” Yu Sol-a, the manager of the program, said. “Therefore, admission to the program was based on an entrance assessment. Participants were selected by their passion for college life and their future plan for achieving their dream.”
With Ewha, Fly Up Toward the Dream was launched to help students develop their potential and talent and make a smooth transition to college.
  The program was divided into two parts: strengthening core capabilities and introduction to campus life. The first part aimed to strengthen skills for communication, leadership, collective problem solving, and critical thinking. Researchers from the Ewha Institute for Leadership Development and leading authorities in the field gave special lectures. During the second part students met with seniors, professors, and their peers.
According to EOA and the Ewha Institute for Leadership Development, With Ewha, Fly Up Toward the Dream was successful.
  “The whole program was a refreshing experience for me who has little knowledge of campus life,” Hong Jin-hwa (Business Administration, 1) said. “Also, I was so worried about making friends in a new place but I met some during the program. I feel like I am ready to enjoy my new life at Ewha.”
  Sheen Hye-ji (Architecture, 1) said, “Participating With Ewha, Fly Up Toward the Dream was an opportunity for me to learn about Ewha and shape my career with other friends. I am sure that the five days at Ewha will allow me to start college life with high expectations and passion for the future.”
  The EOA will continue to hold With Ewha, Fly Up Toward the Dream in the future. The program will increase the number of events and allow more participants. Also, the EOA is planning to activate participants’ community by conducting regular online and offline meetings to help students maintain good relationships with their peers and share useful information about Ewha.
  “We are very pleased that many students expressed their appreciation for our program,” Yu said. “We hope to meet more students starting their new life at Ewha with us.”

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