Ewhaian.com runs long-term projects celebrating its 10th anniversary
Ewhaian.com runs long-term projects celebrating its 10th anniversary
  • Kim Jin-ah
  • 승인 2011.02.25 22:44
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Volunteers are delivering charcoal briquettes by hands on a narrow street.
  An online community of Ewha students, Ewhaian.com, is organizing monthly outreach projects that will continue until May. The projects, called “Overlaying Hearts, Sharing Love,” are meant to celebrate the community’s 10th anniversary and reciprocate love Ewha students gave to Ewhaian.
  Ewhaian was established in 2001 under the name “a group of people who love Ewha” by three Ewha students. It is run by Ewha students as a nonprofit organization and has help from its members’ donations in operating in terms of operating expenses.
  For its first project, Ewha students delivered charcoal briquettes to people in need by an A-frame or by hand around Nowon-gu on Feb. 16. Ewhaian collaborated with the University Community Administration Network to sponsor the volunteering.
  More than 270 Ewha students applied through the Web site to take part, and Ewhaian staff members drew applicants randomly to finalize 20 participants. Ewhaian covered all the costs including  necessary articles for volunteering.
  “One of the volunteer works I wanted to participate in was delivering charcoal briquettes but it was actually hard to find an opportunity,” said Noh Eul (Science Education, 4), one of the Ewha volunteers. “It felt worthwhile when I saw that the briquettes we delivered played an important role in helping people in their ordinary lives.”
  The next project on Ewhaian agenda is to hand out thank-you notes to students who have donated to the Web site during the event. The notes made by Ewhaian staff members will be handed out in March. Also, the third and fourth projects are still being planned.
  Staff members of Ewhaian said the love and presence of Ewha students has helped nurture the site over 10 years. The purpose of the events was stated on the Web site: Various projects to celebrate the anniversary shall be held to share the love with the Ewha students.
  One of the Ewhaian staff members said on behalf of the staffs, “Many other interesting projects will be prepared under the theme of ‘sharing.’ All the staff members expect many of the Ewha students’ continuous participation.”

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